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Review: The Razer Leviathan Soundbar

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Not often do you have a soundbar that can work for both a home theater set-up and a computer set-up, but the Leviathan is just the right size for both.

Coming in at just under 20 inches wide (19.6 to be exact), 4 inches tall and only 3 inches deep this little guy can snuggle up to both situations. However, it's probably not going to work well for a bigger home theater scenario as it's just not going to be powerful enough to fill larger rooms. It's a better bet for your second room, man cave or computer.

I decided to set the speaker up with television first to see how it would in my smallish living room. The speaker looks clean with an all black body and black metallic grill with a small logo hit in the middle. The controls are just out of site around the back but relatively easy to access as long as your speaker is not tucked under your TV or Computer too far.

One cool feature is the different types of feet that come with it to adjust the height; the unit can also be mounted on a wall.

The controls are straight forward with volume, input, Dolby virtual surround, and various presets for listening to music, watching flicks or gaming.

The back of the soundbar provides ports for a standard 3.5mm audio jack for your music player and optical audio input and port to connect your subwoofer.

Yes, it has a subwoofer to kick that bass up a couple notches which is pretty much essential for any soundbar, especially one this small. The sub is wired which might bum some people out but for this price point it's not something that bothered me especially since it drew it's power from the soundbar itself and did not require another outlet.

The sub has an equally small footprint, so it's easy to hide behind a stand or chair. With a 30 watt 5.25 inch downward-firing driver, it's got enough bass to get the job done and will piss off your neighbors if you push it too hard. I pissed off mine with some Blade Runner Directors cut action.

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Review: The Razer Leviathan Soundbar

So how does it sound? Well, let's break it down across the categories to be fair.


A virtual surround sound system is just never going to compare to a real 5.1 system with a beefy sub. However, the Leviathan does do an excellent job overall with filling up the room considering it's size and price point. If you are in a smaller place and don't have a big budget, you are probably going to be quite happy with how it does with movies and games. The highs were crisp and bass pumped enough for my small space, almost too much.


I ran several different genres of music through the speakers to get a feel for what they could handle, and it did pretty well with most genres. The music that popped was Hip Hop, EDM, and some acoustic stuff, but music with a lot of texture like Rock and Jazz got a little muddy.


This is a great unit for a smaller living room or second room like a man cave, guest bedroom or office. For its size and price, it's pretty hard to beat the sound that you get from the Leviathan for all your listening purposes, but I did find it to perform best with just music. The only bummer is the lack of a remote control that is a major oversight for such a product especially if you are using it with a television. If you are looking for a solid all-around sound bar that will work for multiple applications (Gaming, Music, Movies), this is just about the best bet on the market.

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