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Skrillex Collaborates with The Game on 'El Chapo'

Intriguing hip-hop track from The Game, featuring Skrillex on the beat.
the game skrillex el chapo

Well, this is quite the unexpected collaboration. The Game has been planning his comeback for some time now and, for those that are into his style, it seems like he's on the right track. Tapping Skrillex isn't a bad move either.

'El Chapo' is the new tune that's surfaced and it's got all the makings of a popular rap track in today's industry. A heavy trap beat littered with 808's and a relentless verse is a recipe for success in 2015. Add lyrics talking about a drug dealer and this seems to be a very good move as the reception of the new production has been met, mostly, with approval. Have a listen to the new track below and hear for yourself. 

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