WATCH: Skrillex Plays House at Secret Burning Man Set

Skrillex at Burning Man


Skrillex at Burning Man (photo credit: Danny Mahoney)

Spinning classic dance tracks from the likes of Bjork and Deadmau5, Skrillex took to the Robot Heart stage at Burning Man for a surprise DJ set. Only he wasn't spinning the usual Skrillex style tracks. Instead he went for a more house oriented vibe which fit right in with the Robot Heart theme. It's pretty cool to see the world renown artist show us some versatility which is what he's dont for much of his career. Yeah, his sound remains in a similar area but the tempos and styles have always been evolving through Skrillex and with his Robot Heart set he's showing us how he's really mastered the craft over the years.

Last year it was reported that Skrillex and Diplo got booed off stage for playing 'Turn Down For What'. That was far from the case this year as he adapted to the crowd and played tracks people at Burning Man genuinely enjoy.

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Watch the videos below to get a glimpse of what went down at the Robot Heart stage.

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