Spotify Lets You Know If You're Up On The Newest Musical Trends

Spotify Found Them First

Do you consider yourself ahead of the curve when it comes to knowing the best new music that comes around? Are you sure? Of course you really can't tell with all the music being pumped out every day, unless you use Spotify that as.

With their new tool called Found Them First, Spotify will tell you if you've been listening to an artist long before the rest of the world. Bragging rights just got a whole lot more serious now and it's easy to picture this phenomenon taking off. “This experience is an ode to the fans who truly love discovering new artists,” says Jackie Jantos, Spotify’s VP of creative and brand strategy. “Users are rewarded for listening early on, and earn some bragging rights.”

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With the idea of breakout artist's being the focal point, the app will be able to tell you if you are in the top 15% of listeners who heard the music first. A "breakout" artist according to Spotify is an artist with at least 20 million plays and a growth of at least 2,000% between the years 2013 and 2015. This may provoke music lovers to start listening to more new music. With this news it's easy to see how streaming continues to be a focal point of the industry.

Find out how you rank and try Found Them First here.

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