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There is something to be said about a talented performer especially in the electronic music genre. Jokes have been made in regards to the lack of complex skills needed to play a set, you know… pushing buttons and all that.

However, I have had the pleasure of witnessing a blossoming local Boston producer who has managed to encompass the complexity of live mixing as well as exude a remarkable personality that is as infectious as his music and live performance.

Fellow music aficionados, allow me to introduce Wigzen. He is a highly overlooked talent that hides in the thick brush of the ever so mellow Boston underground music scene. He and I took the time to sit down over coffee and talk about where all this raw talent and concept came from.

Wigzen came to Boston from the Dominican Republic in 2007 and from there began studying music at the Berklee College of Music. He graduated Berklee in 2012 with a strong background in Jazz and Bass music. He used his newfound skillset and infused it with his exposure of Caribbean vibes to develop a style and set himself a part from his peers. Wigzen truly believed that the future of his music, at that point, lied in the electronic genre.

Straight out of college, Wigzen caught the “producing bug” and furiously began to release new tracks every week, spending an upwards of 8 hours a day on just music production, calling it his, “pilgrimage”.

“I kinda saturated the market by myself, me and my little soundcloud account. Just releasing tracks every week and that was like my challenge. If you really did graduate from music school, really did have your things, I wanted to prove to myself I could make things happen. I wasn’t going to be falling weak or short, many people stop after they finish studying intensely in school…”

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Wigzen at Mmmmaven Teaching

Wigzen, on top of being an amazing producer, also happens to be an incredible and well-respected instructor at Mmmmaven (a local music school, similar to Dubspot in NY) and at Berklee College of Music. He finds the experience of teaching others highly rewarding. He remarks that he tries to teach others the best way he remembers learning, through energy and dynamic production.

Currently Wigzen has two projects that he is working on simultaneously, Moduloktopus and Omdose. Separating the two allows him to extend his creative ideals and capabilities.

“I do not want to limit myself to a genre”

Folks, was I mesmerized. Wigzen was working a live set with his collaborator, a young talented violinist, Alina Czekala. And he doesn't. My most recent encounter with Wigzen was at his opening for the Cityfox resident DJ, Nikita at a Fresh Headz day party in Cambridge, MA. . The pair when working their hour (which was too short in my opinion) created by far the most engaging and melodic of vibes. Working with all original tracks produced by him, the experience was nothing short of awe-inspiring.

He began his collaboration with a live violinist after his experience working with bands in R&B and he fell in love the hypnotic melodies that could be created.

“I had a huge repertoire already, and when you saw me playing at Firebrand Saints I was using all my own stuff that was more tech house focused. It had a balance of jazzy melodic, but it was also very tech heavy (like) dancefloor themed, areas of house, it was definitely scene heavy like, Oh, lets do club music but then I was like you know if I want to bring a live element to it and take things to the next level let me trying doing this sexy mode of music … you don’t need to be heavy you need to be selectively sexy bring that darkness in it and embellish it in melodic elements and wrap these girls in like silky warm sheets of melody”

And that he does! If you don't believe me, check out his set for the Red Room podcast and hear for yourself what time, effort and talent can actually do.

Follow Wigzen: Facebook / Soundcloud

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