Techno For Humanity to Raise Funds for The People of Syria

Ida Engberg and Adam Beyer

When there's a serious issue facing humanity, techno and the music industry will get involved and do everything it can to support those in need. After all, music is a movement with millions of people watching and waiting to be moved in the right direction.

Techno For Humanity

On September 17th in Belgium, the leading figures of the techno scene will take to the stage for a special event, with a singular focus in mind, to raise awareness and funds for the people of Syria. If you haven't noticed the terrible things that have been happening to the refugees trying to escape their native land, it's important for you to be aware of what is currently going on. There has been a cry for help from the Syrian people and many countries have been offering what they can, but it hasn't been enough and many lives have been lost. It has gotten so bad that families of dead bodies have been washed ashore on many European countries. This has certainly gone too far and the Syrian people need our support.

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After a cry for help from Ida Engber on Facebook, the Antwerp production company IKON was quick to her side. A few quick text messages and phone calls later and it became quite clear, there would be a Techno Charity event in 2 weeks, hosted by the leading figures in the industry.

The stacked lineup for Techno For Humanity on September 17th includes Adam Beyer, Ida Engber, Davide Squillace, Mattias Tanzmann, Guti, Marc Houle, Heidi, Christian Smith, Yousef, Marco Faraone, RENEE, Tofke, Ugur Yurt, Raw District and Kapibara.

Find out more about Techno For Humanity and how you can help here.

Techno For Humanity

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