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The DEA Is Actively Infiltrating Music Events

It has been confirmed that the DEA is cracking down on music events all around the country. Here's what you need to know.

It's safe to say that the drug culture existing within rave culture is facing some serious backlash from authorities. Due to the rise in deaths that have occurred at music festivals over the past year, LA Weekly has reported that the DEA is providing their own plain clothes officers at events like Nocturnal Wonderland which took place over Labor Day weekend. Authorities made 5 drug related arrests at the festival and will possibly increase their coverage at future events.

"I can confirm our Riverside DEA office indeed assist the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Office with enforcement activities at the festival," said DEA spokesperson Timothy Massino.

It's only natural for authorities to want to control something which they see as dangerous to our health and society as a whole. DEA spokesperson Massino feels there is a major drug problem within our culture that needs to be restricted.

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"There's clearly a huge synthetic drug problem in the scene," Massino said. "It's rampantly distributed. Based on the increased prevalence of the stuff, I could see being asked to do this more often — to come out and assist with these operations."

Earlier this year there were deaths at HARD Summer which prompted organizers to cancel a future event and add age restrictions to HARD Day of the Dead. Also, back in 2013, Electric Zoo cancelled the third day due to drug related deaths. It seems as though the DEA and festival organizers have no choice but to crackdown on these events in order to keep people dafe and they'll be there if ever asked.

Massino and the DEA are always ready to get involved. "The state and local agencies are cracking down. If they invite us, odds are we're going to come play."

(Source: LA Weekly)

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