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The Empire Strikes Back: LA County Approves Formation Of "Electronic Music Task Force"

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The Empire Strikes Back: LA County Approves Formation Of "Electronic Music Task Force"

It sounds a bit Draconian doesn't it? An "Electronic Music Task Force" but sure enough this new unit has been brought forward as a motion and approved unanimously by the LA County Board of Supervisors [LACBS]. The big question is just who is going to be on this "EDM Be Good Goon Squad?"  It's hard to tell if the intentions of the LACBS are pure or just another way for LA to create more roadblocks for promoters trying to produce electronic music festivals or larger events. Let's hope this turns out better than it sounds and they can actually put some reasonable measures forward to create more safety and drug awareness for younger EDM fans. Billboard dropped this story earlier today.

Following the death of two teenagers attending the HARD Summer electronic music festival -- held at the Los Angeles County-owned Fairplex -- the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors yesterday (Sep. 1) unanimously approved the formation of an "Electronic Music Task Force" that would provide recommendations on ways to make electronic music fests safer for attendees.The motion was brought by L.A. County Mayor Michael Antonovich and L.A. County Supervisor Hilda Solis.

"I want to emphasize that our efforts around this motion, above all, are about the health and safety of those attending these events," Solis said in a statement.

The task force will "develop recommendations for enforceable health and safety measures and procedures, that would be required for all electronic music festivals on County-owned property." Its initial report is due to be delivered in 120 days. The motion also states a ban on electronic music festivals "remains a possibility." It will also consider whether a short-term or permanent ban on electronic festivals would violate First Amendment rights, or any existing contracts the County has with promoters.

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