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The New Magnetic Magazine Website Is Here

The Magnetic Magazine website features better design and UI, faster load times and an overall better mobile experience
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The New Magnetic Magazine Is Here

You might have noticed that things are a little different around here lately, as of September 16, 2015, if you want to be exact. Yes, we have a new site, and it's a lot better in just about every single way. 

The load times on all platforms are dramatically faster, yes we mean dramatically! You probably noticed that first.  

The design and user interface is much slicker for a better reading (or surfing) experience while on the site. We have taken away all the distractions to leave you with a clean and clutter-free environment. Even the advertising looks better than it used too. 

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The site is truly responsive, not just responsive-ish which means you are going to have a great experience with the site on any device from mobile phone to tablet to desktop. 

So I wanted to say a big thank you to all of our readers that have stuck with us over the last 4 years, during the slow times, the 404 errors, the design changes and now this. 

So on behalf of everyone here at Magnetic Magazine we are ecstatic to bring you this new iteration of our site as it is no doubt our best version yet.


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