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Thief Disguised as Rick James Goes on a Bank Robbing Spree

Thieves disguised as "Rick James" and "Youngblood Priest" are on the run for robbing a few banks
rick james youngblood priest

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department are currently on the hunt for a couple bank robbers. One was disguised as Rick James while the other dawned the look of Youngblood Priest from the 1970s film Super Fly.

Armed with handguns, the accomplices went to elaborate lengths to get in character for their heist when they robbed the Advance America Bank in Indiana on September 15th. 

youngblood priest

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One suspect had the classic Rick James wig and glasses while the other also wore a wig, glasses and a hat similar to what the fictional drug dealer Youngblook Priest wore in the film Super Fly. Police also suspect they may have robbed the Indiana Members Credit Union in the same city on September 20th as well. 

I wonder if the suspect was actually in character yelling Rick James lyrics like 'give it to me baby' when he approached the teller. Suspects are still at large so be look out for Rick James and Youngblood Priest in your neighborhood.

rick james thief

(Source: NY Daily News)

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