With only 2 weeks between TomorrowWorld and its 70,000 fans, they provided the perfect tease with 9 beautiful stage images and one hell of a teaser trailer. Besides putting us right in the mood, these media bits are just plain fun to look at. Which ones are particularly cool, though?… The Wind Stage looks dope, as it’s still 95 degrees in September, and whatever you’re on is certainly not helping you cool down. The Grand Theater definitely looks like the most visually stimulating stage, with giant (and real?) trees to perfectly mix natural atmosphere with virtual sound. Some stages are questionable, but have the potential to be incredible like the boat stage. While having a buoyant floating dance floor sounds cool, the whole electronics in water thing might kill the buzz…

With a budget that could probably make your student loans look like pocket change, TomorrowWorld reveals a bit about their production value in this incredible teaser video. The Key To Happiness is the theme, and they spare no expense to assure its viewers they’ll be finding that key in a couple weeks. The throngs of people, incredible stages, and all around touchy-feeliness of a festival is perfectly represented in their teaser, and we can’t wait to experience it first hand! 

Below you can check out pictures of the stages for this year's festival.

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