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Top 10 DnB Tracks - 9.18.15 Chart


New jobs, new website layouts, and a new season creeping in the door - the only thing not new at the moment is the fact that drum and bass is the best. Ever consistent. Thank god for something that's easy and reliable. Like pizza. But for your ears. Get chewing on this....

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"Darkest Hours"
Memtrix & Spor
Sotto Voice/Lifted  Music

Hot damn! 19 and already collabed with Spor? Watch him! This is too good. 

"Two Minds (Dimension Remix)"
MTA Records

Nero are playing at my all time fave venue, the Brixton 02 Academy in November go on sale early October so don't be left standing out in the cold. And it will be bloody cold.

RAM Records

A 'techy thumper' is right! Balls to the wall, brace your face and other rhyming cautionaries can be assigned to this staunch belter.

"Don't Wanna Rush (LSB Remix)"
FineArt ft. Rachel K. Collier

Grasping desperately as the dregs of summer disappear down the sinkhole and this is the perfect tune to plug it up! LSB is hard on the remix duties and doing the damn thing.

"Flicker (Mat Zo Remix)"
Porter Robinson 
Virgin EMI

Whayyyy! What a creeper....3.18 - main event!! I'm excited coz I feel like I've discovered something unexpected. 80's glam meet drum and bass skank. Epic.

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"Russian Roulette"
MC Coppa & Kung
Comanche Records

Coppa is seriously going from strength to strength.  Take a (slightly less) deadly risk and get battering that play button on his team up with Spanish producer, Kung.

"Air Force 1"
Rene LaVice
RAM Records

After slutting it's way around various sets this summer, the release is finally upon us! Rene LaVice is hitting it this year. There is nothing in this tune that doesn't scream floor destroyer.

"My Heart"
Liz-E ft Lauren Archer
Shogun Audio

A twinkly roller from the first lady of Shogun Audio. Not gonna jank on about the wonders of a female producer in the dnb-sphere - nuff of that. Let's just focus on the fact that this is a promise of great tunes to come.

Technique Recordings

Alerstorm and Ice Stereo. Never have more bad ass names existed. No idea what Ragnarok means however but it does fit the theme nicely. Or not nicely...really rather roughly actually. Which is what we like around here! Ole!

"Egg Cup"
Plasma Audio

Representing the Australian corner of the dnb ring being straight out of Melly (bourne) is Plasma Audio. Keeping it dark and dangerous, Cursa taps in for them with tight drumwork that delivers an upper cut to the synapses. Aware the boxing innuendo here really makes no sense. Ding-ding.

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