Top 10 Drum And Bass Tracks Of The Week - 9.23.15 Chart


We're drowning in top tunes this week! All the big hitters seem to be getting amongst it now that festy season is winding down. New albums are being punched out into the atmosphere and gig announcements at brilliant venues (Shogun at The Steelyard anyone?) are tapping temptingly, beckoning the broken bodies of the music fans back into the fray. Summers up! Time to crawl back into the dark recesses of your local underground club and relish the changing of the seasons via dark and sweaty good times. The music's beckoning mofos!

Hankering for some more? Last week's chart has got you covered.

"Show and Tell"
NC-17 and The Voss
New Playaz

JAYZUS. Absolutely cracking. This is monstrous. I can't even get into words how much I love this. I... - I want to lick it and take it to bed. Never come across a track that switches it up so much within one tune. It works. And oh, 4.48 guys. 4.48. 

"Happy Alone"
Matrix & Futurebound ft. V Bozeman

Premiered out on Friction's BBC Radio1 show Tuesday night and in true M&F style, it’s equal parts syrupy uplifting vocals and outrageous drum and bass drops. Rinse and repeat.

"Good Fight"
Dr Meaker ft. Laurent John
Circus Records

This is what I'm talking about - an instantly recognisable hit. It's gonna go down well, there's forthcoming popularity woven through the very fibre of it.

"Whatever I Do"
Cartoon ft. Kostja
Liquicity Records

Of all the things you could be doing - I suggest having a jam on this to top your list. Liquicity's 'Alchemy' is out October 2nd and it is crammed full of delicious bits such as the following...

"Fall To Pieces"
Dub Motion
Titan Records

This the badness. Keep your peepers peeled for a Magnetic premiere from the 'Skyfall' EP next week.

Critical Music

In the absence of available avenues to stream the absolutely brilliant Fre4knc & Mongoose track, 'Misery', I reached for this one to fill the gap. It's no less beasty mind! P.S Pronounced Frequency - yeah, I had a mare too.

T & Sugah ft. Ayve
Liquicity Records

Rolling and Charlize Theron doing rolly pollys down a hill.

Feint ft. Veela
Liquicity Records

Veela's melancholy vocals lend themselves to this atmospheric little number that is a whole lotta uplifting.

DC Breaks
RAM Records

Download your free copy and get marvelling at the two faces of DC Breaks...well and truly the evil twin representing here.

"Don't Look Down"
Rene LaVice
RAM Records

Going out on something a little different altogether - it's a bit eerie and I have visions of David Bowie skanking to it in the 80's... but nevertheless, it's neat.

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