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Pass the hanky! Today we're going to have a chat about emotions. Otherwise known as dem feels, vibes, sensations, crying in the crowd during a Bastille set (ahem)...I found myself gushing so many feels over the latest Friction video (see below) that I thought it might be worth taking a minute to revel in the deep personal relationship between emotions and music. No groundbreaking news there but still, I marvel at the ability of a particular song to transform a particular moment or time in your life. I personally hope there is drum and bass at my wedding, at my funeral and on the day I win the lottery.

If you wanna get involved in some feelings yourself, you should take part in London Elektricity's music video for forthcomer “Why Are We Here?”. Get involved by Sep 21st and then I can watch you in that, and then dab my girl tears over you as well. Wheyyy! Good times for all!

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Friction ft. Josh Barry
Elevate Records

Did a good big freak impression myself when watching the video for this uplifter from Friction earlier. Cue huge smiles, swiftly followed by a little welling up. Oh drum and bass, you are beautiful.That dude with the dreads is amazing. Emotional.

“Holding On”
Legion & Logam ft. Micah Freeman
Ram Records

They started with Program and now they're taking on RAM for the release of their latests! Calibre raising, game changing.

"Pony (Jump On It) Kove Remix"
Tough Love ft. Ginuwine

Where has this actually been all my secret wigga life? Fusion at it's neatest. Let's twist all the 90's hip-hop with a splash of dnb and be all be better off for it! This is going to go. off.

Shogun Audio

Simmering and layered, like a fine onion soup… or y’know, something better than that.

“Chicago (Technimatic Remix)”

The original of this is a blinder but I have to give props here, this remix is still popping fresh.

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“Sneaky Cheeky”
Par Excellence

Funky as bad assery of the drum and bass sphere. Tagline and bassline doing a bang up job throughout this. Chimpo, you dog you.

Bad Taste Recordings

Kept waiting for this one to break into 'How did you find this place? What are you doing here?' - Troglodyte-esque...but I bloody love Troglodyte so the feeling extends to this by Trilo.

"One For Me"
Zero T
Shogun Audio

Shogun know talent, this be truth. Their tadar (talent radar?) isn't firmly plugged into the dark and dangerous either and this is absolutely clear below. Silky smooth roller with some nice complimentary vocals. Sunday seshhh style.

Erb N Dub & Skope
Technique Recordings

They can't all be light and pretty you big girls!!! There's a lyric in here about cleaning the blood off of something. That should about do it! Mmm terrifying drum and bass, you are my favourite.

"Free Your Mind"
Break Ft. Singing Fats 
Symmetry Recordings

Took a little growing for me this one before hearing it on the Hospital podcast and absolutely loving it. Now I get to join everyone else at the cool kids party. If at first you don't succeed, try, try again!

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