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Top 10 Drum And Bass Tracks Of The Week - 9.4.15 Chart


Label loyalties are a tough one for some, others don't give a toss. Last weekend was a particularly clean cut Hospo vs. RAM slice up for me. Hospitality Summer BBQ on the Saturday was nothing but pure vibes. The crowd was just stoked to be there and this was reflected in the face of label boss man Tony Colman throughout the duration of his set. Lotta love. Lotta tight MC work from GQ and an amazing spot of daylight Nu:Tone. Similarly, RAM fans got what they came for at SW4 on Sunday - relentless, face bruising, tent slapping riddims. Camo & Krooked, Wilkinson, Subby F. Hardout. Luckily, the stars aligned and I got to have my pudding and lather it all over my sweaty body too. Best of both worlds witnessed. All boxes ticked.

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Calyx & TeeBee
RAM Records

These two can do no wrong - the genre editors are currently compiling our list of top 10 for the year and make no mistake, Calyx & TeeBee are shoe-ins for the drum and bass chart.

“Return Of The Snitch”
Mob Tactics
Viper Recordings

Blinder B-Side from the guys debut with Viper who are getting in the mix with the killer lineup for Viper Live at Fabric tomorrow night!

Noisia & The Upbeats
Vision Recordings

Each and every one of the collaborations between these two parties deserves the hype.

“Don’t Stop”
Nymfo & BTK
Renegade Hardware

There's no reason to stop here.

"Can't Breath'
Muffler ft. Sansa
Spearhead Records

Thank you Soundcloud for introducing me to Finnish kid, Muffler. The internet is a beautiful tool. Especially when searching for good drum and bass. He's got a track on here with Keeno as well - check it!

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“Feed For Speed”
Billain & Kodin

A proper swizzzllly ma'f&cka.

“No Warning”
Critical Music

Things you were busy doing at sixteen years old - a shit ton of not much. What Signal is doing - this bad assery:

Shogun Audio

All hail the dutch drum and bass! Posij features on this collection from Shogun Audio, ‘Point Of Origin Vol.1’  which showcases the up and comers, the growers and the showers...

“Sea Breeze”
Tantrum Desire
Technique Recordings

Tantrum is channelling just the right amount of seasonal spunk in this drum and bass track off Technique's Summer Selection album.

“I Will For Love (Roni Size Remix)”

New Rudimental album 'We The Generation is on it's way kids!

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