Top 10 Indie Dance Tracks - 9.4.15


It's Magnetic's first top Indie Dance chart of September, and yeah, we're about to have a three day weekend that is the de facto end of summer. You could say it sucks, but that's just having the worst attitude. So, let's dance our faces off, and groove the rest of summer away. There are some innovative selections, soulful singers, and absolute groovers in this week's chart. Don't be all about that summertime sadness, be stoked that the seasons are changing and something new is on the horizon. So, let's get with it and let's do the damn indie dance thing!

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”Classic Lean (Jidenna ft. Kendrick Lamar x Major Lazer & DJ Snake)”
The Hood Internet
The alleged song of the summer mashed up with arguably the rapper of the year? Oh hell yes and we'll take seconds of that. The Hood Internet is at it again, and quite possibly they may have outdone themselves.


”Walk (Todd Edwards)”
When Todd Edwards remixes your song, you are the definition of blessed. He's a legend, and when you hear his magic touch on Kwabs sultry voice, you see that legendary status action. This is everything great house music should be and more, all about keeping the dance vibes going and artistically innovating.


”When It Comes to Us”
Frances ft. RITUAL
Capitol Records
I got hit by this song right heart unexpectedly as I listened to Disclosure's most recent Beats 1 show. Slow, sensual and full of emotion, Frances and RITUAL duet perfectly something that is moving. Watch yourself, this song will take you away. This song has so much going on, I don't even want to put it into words, just play the damn song. Head over here to catch the official music video of the original!


”Leave the Light On (Joris Voorn Remix)”
Sailor & I
Sailor & I has a voice, and he has that magical musician's touch too. Yet, he's caught the eye of some major remixers in his young career. This time Joris Voorn takes a swing at continuing Sailor & I's absolute stellar run of great songs and equally matching remises.


Popgang Records
MANICS are San Franciscans that know a thing or two about getting the club dancing. Their latest release on Popgang Records is definitive indie dance with a dash of on point nu-disco. The synthwork and vocals work so perfectly together, it sounds as if they actually are sonically dancing. So, get grooving to this one and don't stop. Big ups to a chica named Mish for the recommendation on this one!

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”Shout (Ardency Remix)”
Tears for Fears
These Ardency cats are bold! Taking on one of the greatest hits of the eighties! ARE THEY INSANE? Oh yeah, they definitely got a bit of the crazy, but they got the talent to match. Get ready for yet another amazing remix, and if Ardency isn't already on your radar, recalibrate that radar.


”Lying to Myself”
Matt Lange
A relatively recent addition to the mau5trap roster, Matt Lange brings a uniquely dark ear to this bold production. It moves, growing and almost breathing. This tune is absolutely alive.


”Animal Nature”
Escort, if you didn't know, are the absolutely established masters of the modern disco. It's been a minute, but they are back with a single that is infectious and delicious. This one is going to eat you alive!


Cherry Coffee
The internet has been going crazy over this latest track from Kelela. It's got Little Dragon meets Santigold and possibly has a brief encounter with FKA Twigs vibe. It's smooth, and Kelela's voice hits all those right high notes with a grace and subtlety you don't hear too much nowadays.


”Digital Arpeggios”
Text Records
A release from another identity from this Four Tet character? Is that right? No joke? WELL THAT GOES RIGHT TO THE FRONT OF THE CHART! Four Tet is a god, and any time this god decides to no-big-deal do something different, you better pay close attention and learn something new. Hey, you'll probably feel something amazing too. Those arpeggios though? AM I RIGHT?


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