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It’s that time for Magnetic’s top indie dance chart! Remember, it’s September, and summer may be gone, but the groove lives on. We have some top notch works of future R&B at play here, the return of a few masters, and just generally amazing vibes all around. Have fun, and always pair this indie dance chart with your finest dance moves.

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"Get High" Kill Them With Colour [MTA Records]

This tune is receiving love from all the big names, so naturally you should make it your prerogative to be the next big name bumping it. This debut single form Trinidad-raised Toronto resident Kill Them With Colour opens with rolling trap snares and a beautiful voice before diving into some delightfully flavored UK 4x4 beat. It’s an off-kilter tune that seems to be a touch crazy and a tad almost too much fun.

"Don’t Worry" Super Duper [Vitalic Noise]

With an intro that is reminiscent of a Washed Out chillwave masterpiece, this song dives deep into layers of its own well defined depth. It’s a song that is dreamy and shifts so much you can’t quite put your finger on your favorite element, but then you sit back and just love all of it.

"Lucky (Audion Remix)”GHOST CULTURE [Phantasy Sound]

Here is an eclectic selection that holds experimentation to be its highest value. This is an underground masterpiece with a track off GHOST Culture’s debut album being reworked by the techno titan psuedonym of Matthew Dear by the name of Audion. This track will most likely do the most dancefloor destruction on a very dark dance floor at god know’s what time of the night. Dark vibes and great times assured when you are lucky enough to press play on “Lucky”.

"Latency" Vanessa Elisha feat. CVIRO

Future R&B just gets me all the time, every time. Prepare to make love in the club with this wondrous duet between young talents Vanessa Elisha and CVIRO.

"Untitled" Mount Kimbie & James Blake

You better prepare yourself for this unreleased, untitled collaborative track from the bad ass motherfuckers that are Mount Kimbie & James Blake. It’s got the bold creative spirit and technical excellence that are well established for each artist respectively.

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"Weight in Gold (ATTLAS Remix)" Gallant

You can’t seem to get away from this ATTLAS character anywhere this year! He takes Gallant in an intriguing direction that is a tad dark and mechanical, but still effectively bolsters the powerful vocal prowess as Gallant blasts it out. Remember the name ATTLAS, he’s here to stay.

"Dafty" Oshan feat. Krue [Nest HQ]

Stretch up for this very mobile collaboration between Oshan and Krue. You are going to be moving your body all over the place with this sonic work of absolute positive vibes. It’s some future R&B that’s all about dancing with you and me.

"We All Fall Down" A-Trak feat. Jamie Lidell [Fool's Gold Records]

A-Trak, A-Trak, A-Trak is back with Jamie Lidell and he’s sounding pristine as hell. The Fool’s Gold master gets after it, and I respect his innovative touch on those tropical flourishes! This is a song that is going to get all the ladies dancing, and smiling too, so get after it gentleman!

"Tearing Me Up" Bob Moses [Domino Records]

Oh, this goes right for the jugular feels! It’s like a jaguar sitting casually, sexually in a tree, ready to drop down on you and eat you vibes alive, in only a positive way… Don’t fight this Bob Moses group, they are assured to win, so just go with it!

"Automatic" Zhu feat. AlunaGeorge [Mind of a Genius Records]

The mysterious maestro is back, and his latest project Genisys is sounding to be BIGGER THAN EVER! The first track off this surreal is excellence. This could be a contender for my song of the year, and that saxophone solo though...

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