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Hello Magnetic Magazine readers! Welcome back to another top 10 techno chart. Summer is officially over (for those of us in the Northern hemisphere) but the party never stops in tech land and these tracks will definitely help you keep warm as the temperatures start to drop. For our friends in the Southern hemisphere, these tracks are going to get your Spring festivities started off right.    So put on some headphones or dancing shoes and lets dive into another top 10 techno chart!

10. “New Vision” - The Reactivitz[Unity Records]

The Reactivitz released this single as part of their Running Time EP. You will notice something very familiar about the stab in this stomper that will have you on the lookout for flowers, feathers, and mushrooms.

9. “Black Connection” - Inphasia and Nodin[RedMoon Recordings]

This is a dark techno roller from Inphasia and Nodin’s latest collaborative EP, Invictus, out now on RedMoon Recordings. It is a room-filling track with ticking and ratcheting effects coupled with mechanized vocal samples, placing you in the center of a giant robotic factory.

8. “Parallel Worlds” - Someone Outside[Ardor]

Rising talent, Someone Outside, has released his Parallel Worlds EP on the brand new Ardor label. This is the first release for the label and they are putting a strong foot forward. The title track has a travelling-through-space energy, taking you through aural wormholes of white noise and rising notes to stunning galaxies of swirling percussion and booming beats.

7. “Conform Feat. Cable 54” - Armitage[Dystopian]

Armitage is the guise of two well known producers who have come together to release the heavy hitting They Live EP on Dystopian. Hypnotic and powerful, this single is full of blooming dubbed out percussion and synths laid over a pounding beat.

6. “Spandex” - Will Clarke feat. Rhea[Defected]

This is the latest single from Will Clarke. It is a fun and bubbly track featuring the silly yet hypnotic vocal chant from Rhea that will loosen up dancefloor and get them in the groove.

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5. “Wobbler” - Patrick Chardronnet[Audiomatique Recordings]

The name says it all for this single that can be found on Audiomatique Recording’s Best of Patrick Chardronnet release. The oscillating melody glides over the ever-growing power of the track like a glowing orb playfully leading you deep into a dark forest.

4. “Domino” - Moonwalk[Definition:Music]

“Domino” is the title track off Moonwalk’s latest three-tracker out now on Definition:Music. The energy is perfect for the late night sessions when the streets are empty and the club is still full. The synths have a nice acidity to them and the bass line has a great funk to it while the airy pads give the track an epic feel. The dubbed out breakdown gives you just enough time to catch your breath before you are dropped again into the center of the groove.

3. “Steps” - Ramiro Lopez[Intec Digital]

Ramiro Lopez is back on the techno chart and back to Intec to release his Truce EP. “Steps” has the power of a chugging locomotive barreling down the track with layers of intricately arranged elements that work together like the inner workings of a clock. The entire EP is a techno powerhouse full of dark and heavy energy.

2. “The Memory” - Bontan[MadTech]

Bontan kicks in the door on the latest MadTech compilation with this funky dancefloor bomb. The bass line gives this track an infectious groove and the synth stabs are arranged perfectly in a catchy and hypnotic call and response.

1. “Le Ly Land” - Luigi Madonna[Drumcode]

Luigi Madonna makes his return to Drumcode with a massive EP, Magic Land. The four tracker is packed with dark, intense energy. “Le Ly Land” begins with a gentle filtered tease of the melody and then comes at you with the energy of a category 5 hurricane. It is a peak hour killer.

Those are my top 10 techno picks for this week.  If you liked those, check out the mixtape that I recently released through the Magnetic Podcast.  It includes some of my favorite tracks from previous charts and some other gems I have found while digging for new music.  Click here for the previous techno chart, and I will see you all here next week!

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