Top 10 Tropical House / Chill Tracks - 9.11.15 Chart

Top 10 Tropical House / Chill Tracks - Chart 9.11.15


Written by Ben Houston

Photo by Dan De Vries

The energy in the air during summer is profound. There’s a pep in our step and and big ol “what are you up to” smile on our face. We’ve all had a good time to put it subtly. It’s been a whirlwind of friends, trips, fests, weekends you said you’d relax but did the opposite and getting sunburnt beyond recognition. I wear SPF 70 and my nose looks like a louisiana hot link shade of Oh Shit. Always looking for a reason to cross the line in the sand and never seeing the Monday on the horizon, summer is that time we remember most vividly. It’s a lucid and lush sweetness that drips and soaks on you with beaming moments stacked high and barely hanging on like a Jenga tower. I met wonderful humans and dogs, drove down unknown roads, looked at my friends proudly for taking big steps in their lives and found too many reasons to smile. The core crews get stronger in many ways, including solidarity. I don’t say yes, you don’t say yes, WE say yes. That crew of little rascals and big idiots, belting out songs after sun soaked days, whipping up a ferocious batch of fun that’ll put some hair on your chest and hugging each other hardest, proud of the things we get away with, that’s the crew of summer and I wanna shout this chart out to all of you. I like you guys, I like you summer, we did great. Thanks for making these tunes sound so good and cheers to a little more sunshine in our lives.

QUICK NOTE: The full playlist can be found at the bottom of this article if you just wanna jam all the way through! Enjoy


"Spiralling Palm Tree"
Ventura Records
Elements of wonky wild nights and steel plates that seem to be whistling like a tea kettle are the creations of Paris bred Lucien. This infectious dose of ADHD aural awesome was brought to me by way of our London correspondent Rosie by way of Boiler Room breeding grounds. The man has a 6 track something coming out soon so let this “corker” keep you company in the meantime.


"Far Behind”
Oleska x Otter Berry
That bass line is real nice. We got this little Spanish number to ride off with into the summer sunset. Otter Berry and Oleska, your guys names are awesome and I think you should work together more often because this sounds like passion fruit flavored popsicles with a nice sauvs blanc under cabana shade.


"Heatwave (filous Remix)"
Hollow Coves
Good timing is everything and it just so happens filous dropped this track in one of the most dripping heatwaves of the year in California. We are up to our neck in sweat so don’t mind me while I sip my slurpee and kick it to this strumming beauty. Hollow Coves seems to be one of my favorite artists to have tropified so shouts to this heatwave hustlin 18 year old, 20 instrument playing producer for finding the perfect beat to set him high on.


"Bye Bye"
Parting summer partying is such sweet sorrow. But as the boys of Chordashian remind us “embrace the next season in your life”. I like that way of living. This is the crispest kind of dance music production and I’m gonna take this opportunity to propose to the vocalist because she sounds like my future wife.


”Can’t Feel My Face (TEEMID x Liz Loughrey Cover)”
The Weeknd
I didn’t think this song could get sexier. The Weeknd himself might even be jealous of what TEEMID and Liz have done with this cover. Its simmering and chill. Like “come over and watch Netflix and chill” kinda simmering and chill. Have fun and wear protection.

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"Saving My Life ft. ROMANS"
Gorgon City
Gorgon City is going full livetard. This fall they’ll be on tour with the full spread for feasting on amazing instrumental tunage and singin. I’m looking forward to finding the groove by the bay at Treasure Island Music Festival in SF next month.


"Should’ve Ben Us (Lost Kings Remix)"
Tori Kelly
I feel like a broken record featuring LA’s Lost Kings but everything they touch is fire flames. Well, they did it again and this time with one of the best song sirens out there. Get giggin and sippin.


”Jungle (Motez Remix)”
Future Classic
This song is bakin like a toasted cheez-it its so hot. Aussie duo Panama’s voice flies out of the speakers only to get crashed down on by Motez’s future house bassline and melodic manicness. It’s a future classic on Future Classic no doubt.


Imagined Herbal Flows
This will have you reminiscing on those gorgeous places you visited these past few months. Staring off into endless stars, head out the window, ripping around dark cliffsides with songs like this on blast making you realize that life is simply huge and beautiful. This is the first song off a new album out soon.


"Into My Dream ft. Louise Mambell"
3 Monkeyzz
The Dancing Pineapple
The tropical house daymakers are always fresh on The Dancing Pineapple and its no surprise their new release from 3 Monkeyzz makes you open your eyes a little bigger and breath a little deeper. It inspires in the perfect ways and makes you want to grab your bae and drive off to anywhere gorgeous and sleep under the stars.

Full Chart. Groove on…

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