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Too. Much. Great. Music. To. Day.

We got the bros and their friendos of Disclosure, the pixie bae led CHVRCHES swoonin, the Radness that is Kaskade, Big Grams slanging big flows, Robin Schulz making waves and lots of new tunes under the tropical house and chill vibe sun. So many great jams to choose from, which spells for a weekend with speakers blasting and lots of energy to spill out on the world's dancefloor. This week's chart is in its prime, feeling sublime and ready to makeout with all of you. Pucker up baby, lets do this thang...

Full chart playlist at the bottom if you just wanna listen. Groove on...

“Tearing Me Up” Bob Moses, DOMINO RECORDS

This is hands down my favorite track of the year. There is an awaiting wild in the enigmatic shade this song prowls through. The lyrics aren’t some skulking tale of desperate lustful intentions. It is confident in its known desire and passionate pulsing body of sound. It pulls you in strong and bites you soft, making every turn felt and remembered, building an experience rather than to some short of breath chorus climax. The duo will be at both CRSSD Fest (SD) and Treasure Island Music Fest (SF) in the coming weeks and I will be attending both sets prowling around like a jungle cat to their Darkside inspired groove. I hope you find yourself there too. Check out their first full album, out now and packed with even more dark delights.

“Day Trippin” Kaskade feat. Estelle, ULTRA RECORDS

Ryan just gets it. Little has been known about Kaskade’s new album Automatic and one of the all time greats has delivered gigantic with an tracklist that feels personal, hitting all the styles and vibes that we’ve come to love from this legend. You can tell throughout that he is having a blast and it really shows with “Day Trippin”. This perfectly named romper wearing beauty featuring knockin beats, bustin ivory keys and our favorite “American Boy” loving Estelle is full of light and life, two dishes that are part of Kaskade’s balanced breakfast. Its got swagger, so make that booty shake as you walk out in the sun to this soundtrack.

“Like An Animal” Rufus Du Sol, SWEAT IT OUT

When your music video looks like a psychadelic love child of the old school iTunes commercials and a True Detective intro set in Big Sur you know the music has to hold its own. Its got me in its clutches, like a predator just playing with its food. Eventually this song will eat me but I don’t care because I love it too much. Literally been listening to it non stop for three days, somebody send help.

“One Last Night (Speaker of the House Remix)” Dada Life, SO MUCH DADA

I’m loving the buzz I’m getting from this spiked banana smoothie, I’ll have seven please. When the big room thump meets the day party trop it’s a beautiful thing. It’s like watching Coco the gorilla make friends with Ray Bans the koala bear and get high on eucalyptus tree leaves. The Dada is hard to put a cork in so Speaker of the House just blends the bass drops into a vibrant roaming guitar section and lets the chorus ring out with power and energy as it was meant to.

"Shades Of Grey (Nora En Pure Remix)” Oliver Heldens & Shaun Frank feat. Delaney Jane

Oliver Heldens and Nora En Pure should get married and make beautiful bass bumpin babies. This combination is genius and Nora’s remix dare I say is better than the original. Oliver has to be turning his head like a confused puppy when he hears what she’s done to one of the hits of the summer. If you haven’t listened to Heldens podcast you need to immediately. The dude is hilarious, just wait til you hear him talk about Snapchat.

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“Open Season (Gryffin Remix)” Josef Salvat

Ten points to Gryffindor! I had to get that out, sorry. What’s with this guy? The guy just doesn’t know when to let it go. Summer is over bro, stop making me feel so good and want to be outside and dance and enjoy life so much. Gryffin’s album, that hasn’t been announced is going to be groundbreaking for tropical house as the technical prowess he displays and anthemic subtleness is perfect for an hour of flowing beautiful beachy beats. He is the best in the genre I think.

“Mind Games” Nicolas Haelg

Gladys Knight, subtly sexy sax, percussion filled 100 bpm beats and a funky guitar. Give me a donut and I’ll call it a day. All I want is to be the tambo player when this song gets rocked live. It is tracks like this that make me wonder who the first tropical artist is gonna be to have a full band jamming out their tunes. This is a perfect example, get on it Nic.

“Crush” Campsite Dream

This is just one of those tunes that makes you want to make out. I think this song is about meeting some beautiful boo and just being all adorable together tagging each other in Instagram pictures of yellow lab puppies. I hope it motivates some smoochin this weekend and to pick random flowers and slap their butt while they walk up staircases. It may not be the first of its kind in style but it’s the first song out by two young stunners from Holland who will definitely be making out with some dutch babes after this song blows up. Absolutely solid first work, send me more.

“No More Lies” Alex Hook feat. Rene, SPIRIT SOUL RECORDS

I’ll have whatever the bunny is having. The deep disco with melodic paradise touches is my favorite kind of daymaker. Rene has a gorgeous soul in her voice and sooths the deep bassline Alex Hook throws at us. Spirit Soul is really collecting some great tracks and needs to be taken note of and followed if you haven’t already.

“Embrace (Le Youth Remix)” Goldroom feat. George Maple

These three incredible artists combined in one song is just too much for my brain and dancing shoes to handle. I didn’t think anyone could touch the original but of course the man who is going b2b with Goldroom at CRSSD Fest in two weeks would be the one to pull it off. I can’t wait to be stomp skippin around to this track at Waterfront Park soon.  

FULL PLAYLIST. For your easy listening pleasure. Give it a repost and a like while you're at it and share the good vibes!

Photo by Dan De Vries. Follow him on Instagram @dpdevries

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