Transmit + Festival: Making An Investment in Detroit

An Investment In Detroit


Sinistarr, rar Kelly and Superdre (Photo Credit: Jessica Hoy)

Producing, promoting, booking venues… Where do you begin?

Well, luckily enough, Detroit was able to look to the brainchild of the LA-based TanZ Group—Transmit + Festival. TanZ is an entertainment company “focused on creating ground-breaking experiences and original content to connect artists and musicians with their audiences.” With massive festivals occurring annually across the country, bringing together artists from across the world, music lovers already have access to what they love.

An Investment In Detroit


The TanZ Entertainment Group team: Sam Krichevsky, CEO, Alexandra Bertrand, Logistics Director, Garrett Chau, President of Music, and Jon Leonardo, President of Business Development (Photo Credit: Jessica Hoy)

Rather than competing, they decided to bring something completely different to the table, giving artists access to what they need: the resources and community that an artist needs to progress their career, especially in a city as large as Detroit.

So, that’s what they did. They brought the experts right to us, giving us complete access to resources that most artists haven’t had in the past.

After speaking with President of Music and Business Development for TanZ, Garrett Chau and Jon Leonardo, respectively, they made it clear the event had one objective: to assist the blossoming artist community in Detroit with the resources, knowledge and connections necessary to succeed.

They are “transmitting” the information and resources artists have easy access to in Los Angeles to us, over here in Detroit. The conference, and subsequent Meet And Greet, were incredible opportunities for artists in the greater-Detroit area. It provided the ability to learn from the experts (and ask them questions!), as well as meet other artists on the same walk of life.

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And this weekend in Detroit was no different.

It all started with a few partners, all with strong ties to Detroit. Some of the most recognizable were Detroit Institute of Music Education (DIME), Dirtybird Records, Detroit Bikes, The Detroit Free Press and Our/Detroit.

An Investment In Detroit


Stacey Gamble and Alexis Giles (Photo Credit: Jessica Hoy)

Hosted at DIME, the conference was intimate, informative, fun and educational, all rolled up into four separate panels of industry professionals. And this lineup was as stacked as the Techno artists booked for Movement Detroit this past May.

Kevin Nixon, Co-Founder of DIME
Steve Byrne, Entertainment Editor for the Detroit Free Press
Teddy Duvall, Co-Founder of Space is the Place Records.
Angel Gambino, CEO of Alchemists Collective
Howard Hertz, Entertainment Law Attorney
Ted Cohen, Managing Partner for Tag Strategic
Stacey Gamble, Label Manager for Dirtybird Records
Alexis Giles, Director of Business Development for SoundCloud.
Angie Linder, Co-Founder and Label Manager for Detroit Techno Militia
Bill Mague, Vice President of Artspace Projects, Inc.
Jeremy Peters, Director of Creative & Business for Ghostly International & Ghostly Songs

By bringing together these people, all with ties to Detroit, all with experience in the music industry, all who understood how difficult it can be to “break out” in the scene, Transmit + made an investment in Detroit.

They made it very clear that this is not a one-time investment… Transmit + will be back. Missed it this weekend? Find them on Social Media and keep an eye out for other incredible opportunities coming up in the near future.

An Investment In Detroit


Steve Byrne, Kevin Nixon and Teddy Duvall (Photo Credit: Jessica Hoy)

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