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WATCH: Hello Kitty Definitely Bumps Trap Music with Starfoxlaflare

Well, maybe not, but this Hello Kitty trap tribute by Starfoxlaflare is... different. Video is shot and co-directed by Kreayshawn.
starfoxlaflame hello kitty 1

Hello Kitty is a cultural icon. The character has been plastered everywhere from iPhone cases to lunch boxes and beyond. It's just common knowledge that fans all over the world, and of all ages, are obsessed with the stoic little white kitty. Now, even Trap heads can get in on the fandom with Starfoxlaflare's recent single 'Hello Kitty'.

Strapped with a pink oozie, Starfoxlaflare seems to be just as obsessed with Hello Kitty as 5 year olds in pre-k. He's got the iPhone case, the pillows and even his the seats in his car dawn the Hello Kitty character. Of course he's not really talking about Hello Kitty at all is he? We're not really sure what to think of the video other than it's pretty hilarious and hip-hop artist Kreayshawn shot and co-directed it. We hope you enjoy this little trip into the bizarre world of Starfoxlaflare.

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