WATCH: Man Jumps on Stage, DVBBS Makes Security Let Him Go



DVBBS at Mt. Woozy Festival

With the pyrotechnics in full force a stage crasher thought it the appropriate time to hop the barrier and climb on stage during DVBBS performance at Mt. Woozy Festival. This seems to be a normal occuerence these days. Last month a fan did a backflip onto DJ Harvey's setup at FYF Festival and at Camp Bisco a fan threw himself into the equipment of Zoogma.

Although we don't encourage this sort of tomfoolery, DVBBS was pretty much down with it and made security let the man go. I suppose he wasn't really causing a ruckus and he didn't smash into any equipment, so it was all good. Still, it's probably best to stay in the crowd, especially when fire cannons are blasting.

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