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Watch Old People Get High And Listen To Trap

Old People's Reactions to Trap Music after smoking weed
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It's a gimmick, kind of like "Kids Say The Darndest Things" but this one is with older people and there are a couple curve balls involved. 

The first curveball is getting them intoxicated on that sticky icky, aka green bud aka WEED. Chances are this is fake, because frankly why would anyone do this unless they are being paid a decent chunk of change. Especially respectable older humans.  

The second curveball is throwing them the most offensive shit possible that will make them immediately uncomfortable. 

This is a simple formula, it's completely played out and quite stupid, but it's still kind of entertaining so we aren't gonna judge you if you get a couple cheap laughs. That's pretty much the only reason people tuned into the first couple episodes of American Idol, it was for the trainwrecks, not the talent. 

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