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WATCH: Old School Footage of Carl Cox Performing in '92

Carl Cox is still as relevant today as he was back in '92 DJing for a crowded warehouse
Carl Cox in 92

Do you think much has changed in dance music since 1992? Of course a lot has changed since then, that's a terrible question. We see DJs using all sorts of technology in their sets and cultural style has certainly evolved, but when you watch this clip of Carl Cox DJing at Amnesia House in Donnington Park back in '92 you can't help but feel some similarities to the way we party today. 

Perhaps its the massive crowd in a massive warehouse that feels similar. Or maybe it's Carl Cox's style when he's behind the decks. He still moves the same today as he did over 20 years ago and his skill has only gotten more advanced. Whatever the case may be, it's cool to look back at the early days of rave culture. You can laugh or you can marvel, but one thing's for certain, they definitely knew how to throw a proper warehouse party.

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