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5 Halloween Costume Ideas That Will Win This Weekend

You don't have a costume yet? Don't worry we have you covered with these five simple ideas
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So It's almost All Hallow's Eve and you are still without a costume or even an idea for one... ugh, same old shit every year right. Don't worry we have 5 simple costumes that won't cost much to put together and will get you high fives, low fives, free beers, free hugs and maybe even a new special friend for the evening. 

RAVE Trump - Dress it up, make it your own.

RAVE Trump - Dress it up, make it your own.

Let's start off with Trump, this will be wildly popular this year but not RAVE Trump, so go find a wig, practice all your Trumpy moves and get creative. May we suggest anything with dollar bills that light up, a light up tie, etc. 

Accessories: Glowy Stuff

For you and your buddy or you and your chick + Justin Bieber sign or doll, something...

For you and your buddy or you and your chick + Justin Bieber sign or doll, something...

Jack U is another idea but you need a partner in crime otherwise it just won't work. This especially works for couples that consist of one tallish blond dude and a short brunette but also works for two dudes of the same proportions. It's all about the outfits and carrying around a picture of Justin Bieber.

Accessories: Justin Bieber Blow Up Doll or Cardboard Cutout 

sillerman billboard cover

Pre Meltdown Sillerman

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Bob SFX Sillerman. This one is fun and will get laughs from your smarter friends and fellow party goers. You can either go as Disco Ball bragging Bob or as the infamous crotch grabbing Hip Hop Bob. Just head to the costume store stat to get your bald cap because that is kind of essential to the outfit. 

Accessories: Disco Ball, Copy of Billboard Issue


Rave Bro - This is easy

Rave Bro. Remember these guys, hell you might have even been one of these guys back in 2010. Open up the closet and dig it out or head down to the thrift store and grab all the neon shit you can find. 

Accessories: Dildo, Big Zip Lock bag filled with Powdered Sugar, Box of Tampons, A Douche bag, etc. 

rave girl

Rave Girl

Rave Girl. This one is easy too, it's just like you are going to EDC except you aren't. Put on your bikini or underwear, those cheap faux fur spats and you are good to go. You might want an escort or security? Or maybe travel in packs, there is strength in numbers to fend off Bros. 

Accessories: Mace, belly gun, anything that glows, condoms, a Bro that follows you around

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