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ADE Pill

ADE Pill

Patrons attending the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) will not be charged and prosecuted if caught with 5 pills of ecstasy or less. 

This news follows the warning from health officials of high dosed ADE stamped pills that are currently circulating in Amsterdam. While the rest of the country has a limit of one pill, those at ADE will not face the same punishment.

Amsterdam VVD chairman Marja Ruigrok finds it interesting that the policy in the capital is different than the rest of the Netherlands. “It is strange that we are so much more generous in Amsterdam in that policy”, he stated on the AT5 program Park Politiek. “I find five pills too much for one person. You could perhaps be well off with just one. But we actually believe that you should not do it at all. It is dangerous, you do not know what it contains. It is forbidden."

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On the other hand, the D66 faction leader Jan Paternotte thinks that authorities should focus on dealers while the users should be more informed. “You should help with that and make it possible for them to have their pills tested.”

Unity, a volunteer project for the education of dance culture and drug use, has issued a video to let people know how to be safe when partying in Amsterdam. Watch the video below to find out more about how you can be safe while in the dance.

(source: NL Times)

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