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When listening to the music of Alexandre, it's hard to categorize his sound into any one particular genre. There's sparks of dubstep and grime, but due to his early childhood in Miami and his first exposure to music being Phil Collins' 'In The Air Tonight', he's managed to created a textured electronic style that is completely his own. When we had our first listen to 'Heart Of Glass' off his forthcoming Apexia EP on Buygore, we knew we had to be the first to share it. Whether it's the intricate synth solo or the soothing vocals and energetic percussion, 'Heart Of Glass' will resonate with fans of all types who just really dig electronic music. It's good stuff, simple as that. 

We got a chance to chat with Alexandre about how he approached his Apexia EP, what this release on Buygore means for his career and why he describes his sound as "Miami Vice meets Bladerunner in the hood". He's a unique individual and his 'Heart Of Glass' is a fine representation of his sound. Enjoy.

How did you approach writing the music for your Apexia EP?

My main idea with this EP is really to showcase diversity, to give people a small taste of the wide range of styles of music I enjoy producing. Rather than being a totally cohesive EP that was written at the same time with a particular concept in mind, we chose a number of distinct tunes that all stand on their own in a particular context, but still reinforce eachother as a whole. Hopefully it'll establish a precedent and let first time listeners know that they can't pin my style down to a specific genre or sound, but rather should expect to be taken across the whole spectrum, which is something that carries over to my live shows/sets as well.

Your sound seems to be a mixture of Grime and Dubstep with your own  distinct flavor, how would you describe your music to someone who has never heard your sound before?

I'd definitely acknowledge some dubstep influence in some of my music, because I was mostly producing dubstep and related stuff around 6 years ago when I first started taking production seriously; I think dubstep takes credit for first opening my eyes up to the realm of "bass music" or whatever you feel like calling the umbrella of genres that rely heavily on sub-bass. 

The grime influence has totally been there for awhile too, and only grew stronger because of my near-obsession with the don, Plastician, and his label Terrorhythm Recordings, with whom I was lucky enough to snag a release in 2013. Plastician was and is the ultimate tastemaker, and while he and his label were originally known for dubstep and grime, they've both evolved beyond that into some really forward-thinking stuff, and I happened to catch the same wave at the same time. So if I absolutely HAD to describe my music to someone, I would say that it is "forward-thinking bass music of all tempos and styles." Is that vague and opaque enough?

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How has the city of Miami/North Miami Beach influenced your music?

Even though I only spent the first ten years or so of my life there, the influence runs deep; in my press kit we semi-jokingly say that my music is "Miami Vice meets Bladerunner in the hood" because I was born in the middle of the eighties in Miami Beach, surrounded by neon and pastel and Crockett & Tubbs and synthesizers and this totally excessive aesthetic that took over the entire country for almost a decade.

My earliest memory is listening to Phil Collins' "In The Air Tonight" as a baby in my parents' condo, no lie. So alot of my music, if you look through my body of work, tends to have this 80's synth stuff going on and alot of arpeggios and John Carpenter type stuff happening the background. But again, with such a wide scope, stylistically, sometimes those influences are more present than at other times.

What inspirations can listeners hear in your music?

If I had to mention specific producers or artists that have influenced my evolution into less easily-definable music, I'd have to say (like many, MANY other producers) that Rustie and Hudson Mohawke and that whole wave of stuff really gave me a kick in the ass and opened my eyes up to new ideas and sort of redefined what I thought was possible.

Other producers working today that I think are absolutely amazing and have definitely inspired me, if not necessarily influenced my sound directly, would be AWE, SteLouse, Ahh-Ooh, Ill-Esha, Vindata, Starkey, Dev79, Joker, Ganz, KRNE, Mr. Carmack, Losco, Glacci, Tasty Treat, Lido, My Nu Leng, Walton, Grenier, Om Unit, the whole Teklife crew, there are way way way too many people to list, so I'll stop there. But yeah, I draw inspiration and influences from literally everywhere and just try to explore the intersections of different sounds and genres within my own music.

What are you looking forward to in the future?

I'm really, really stoked to have a release on a label with as much clout as Buygore, and with so many great people working behind the scenes to keep it running and growing and thriving. I'm hoping this EP will shake things up a bit and continue the growing trend of getting listeners to stop worrying about genres and labels and be more comfortable appreciating music for what it is.

I'm looking forward to continuing to release weird, hard-to-classify shit and working with other talented producers to see what boundaries we can trample over and demolish. I'm also very excited to have recently relocated to beautiful Austin, Texas, where there is a thriving music culture and lots of great people who are receptive to hearing music they've never heard before. Most of all, I'm excited about the earth eventually being swallowed by the sun when it becomes a red giant. That shit will be rad.

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