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Alison Wonderland Calls Out Followers For Sexual Harassment Comments

No One Should Have to Deal With Sexual Harassment. "This is not ok. Ever."
Alison Wonderland press photo

The internet can be a dark place and Alison Wonderland has had enough. Yesterday she called out a pair of her supposed followers who made comments on her Instagram post stating that they wanted to "rape" and "roofie" here. 

The Aussie producer took to Facebook to alert the rest of her fans of the comments that had been made on a photo she shared that was taken after her recent Brisbane show. She went on to state that this type of internet harassment has to stop. She posted a screen shot of the comments and stated"Yo I wouldn't usually call people out but I feel like this time it is important. Last 2 comments. This is not ok. Ever. I don't care if it's a 'joke'. Not. Ok."

alison wonderland sexual harassment comments
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She went on to add, "I hope anyone who has ever felt threatened by comments like these knows that it's totally acceptable to stand up for yourself and take it seriously. Humans need to be respected equally regardless of gender or job or wealth or education. Any comment said to make someone feel threatened is a crime. Call me ugly, tell me you hate my music or my voice or whatever i don't give a fuck about that shit, but implying that you want to give me a drug then rape me, joke or not, is just... oh my god... how is this even a thing?"

That last message sparked a bombardment of offensive comments and Alison decided to delete the post. She urged her fans to not get involved and has since stated that the boys have apologized for their comments.

If it wasn't clear enough before, this recent incident only creates more awareness regarding sexual harassment and how damaging it is to our society. 

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