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An Illegal Rave in London Was Allowed to Continued Despite Police Involvement

A Construction Site For A Hotel Serves As A Great Spot For an Underground Rave
illegal rave in london

(photo via: Evening Standard)

Raves are indeed illegal. A proper rave that is, where a warehouse is transformed into a haven for freedom of expression and dance. The glory days of the rave may have come and gone, but there are still in fact pockets of crews all around the world who are keeping the culture alive.

In London a rave was found by police, but instead of shutting it down they allowed it to continue. The party was not some small, low-key event either. With 500 people and a duration of 36 hours, this was a marathon rave. Police showed up around 2am, yet instead of shutting it down, they hung around outside and ushered people off to get home safely as they left. 

"If you have more than 500 people inside, then you have to make a judgment call about how to proceed - it is a balancing act taking into consideration the safety of people inside." 

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Other authorities should take note of this situation. A rave is not a violent place and patrons just want to enjoy themselves and release some tension from the society they live in on a daily basis.

“We had shut down the main rave earlier so officers had been deployed there, but as is often the case with these raves, the organisers have a number of locations to fall back to. Most of the time people don’t know where it is until minutes before, so it is very hard to act fast enough to prevent them from occurring, which can only happen if you get there ahead of time."

Officers are cracking down on these kinds of illegal parties, but there is always another one that will pop up on the other side of town. The underground dance culture is a passionate movement. Like they always say, "if there's a will, there's a way."

[via Evening Standard]

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