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Pretty recently I've been seeing this name pop up in my news feed, Soundcloud stream, and now my email. At first it was just a couple of industry people I have on my Facebook talking about him. Then I saw his music being supported from producers like FlosstradamusRL Grime, Skrillex, and Ookay. Lastly, I got an email from the manager of Party Thieves selling me on why he's so good. I have never been a big fan of trap music however,  but I do appreciate some artists within the genre like the ones mentioned. After listening to some of his music, it was evident why he had gained his "Theft Army". It's because he brings a whole new style to the Trap table. 

His music has a distinct mixture that infuses Hip-Hop, Hardstyle, and even some Future Bass melodies. Hailing from the city that never sleeps, Jared was raised around all sorts of music. His tracks just say it in all honestly, and I highly encourage you to check them out. One release I've seen him post about, and I'm highly anticipating, is a collaboration with Flosstradamus. They have been supporting the Theft Army movement for a while now, and I feel as though this release is going to explode. He recently joined the Circle Talent Agency roster, so if you can't catch his SoCal performance I am sure you will get your chance very soon. Show your support if you dig his music, and check out his set at Escape From Wonderland.

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