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Ben UFO Finally Begins Uploading His Sets to Soundcloud

His first ever upload is a 3-hour set he played in Osaka
Ben UFO Osaka

Where has Ben UFO's Soundcloud presence been all these years. The Hessle Audio co-founder recently decided upload some of his best sets from the past and we're so glad he did. "Incidentally, despite having registered an account years ago which has inexplicably been amassing followers steadily, this is my first ever Soundcloud post," Ben UFO tells his followers. From his BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix to his set at Circus in Osaka, he's giving us a taste of his iconic DJ sets that have captivated fans for years. Although he's only uploaded two mixes to his own account, he's also shared a few more noteworthy sets. I mean you can't go wrong with 3 and a half hour's of Ben UFO. 

“This was such a fun night, and despite there being no crowd mic I think you can hear that in the selection,” he states on Facebook. “I end up at 140bpm and there are loads of old favourites in there, but there’s also a looseness and an energy that i find difficult to capture when i know i’m being recorded… i hope you enjoy it!”

Listen to his Osaka set below along with his Essential Mix from earlier this year. 

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