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Best of Both Worlds With Danny Seth

Photos provided by Quasar Media

Riding high off of the success of his recent mixtape release "Perception", London's very own Danny Seth now readies himself for his first official LA performance during the Halloween edition of Brownies and Lemonade's "Camp Trill" which goes down this friday at The echoplex. (Tickets are available here).

After snapping a few photos behind the scenes of his latest music video shoot near skid row, we set up a sit down at Canters Deli on Fairfax to find out how this LA transplant has adjusted to life across the pond. Danny broke down some of his favorite things while also letting us know which of his two homes came more correct.   

Food: USA
Spot: Sushi on La Cienega (now closed) - "The Food was shit but the sushi chef was OG. We had our own roll (The TBAC Roll was albacore, crispy onions and avocado) and it was straight fire." 

Bars: UK
Spot: Area in Watford (Also gone) - "It's a culture in the UK. We would go bar crawling all the time and it was just so fun. Area was definitely one of my favorite places".

Clubs: USA
Spots: "Hyde in LA because it's just chill and more like a lounge. 

Bonus: If you were to drop 10 stacks on a night out what club would you go to?: "Onyx  in Atlanta..." (We may have to do a follow up interview out there.)  

Crowds at your shows: USA 
"They're both really turnt but US might push a little harder. They really get involved."

Sports: UK 
"Obviously I'm a football fan (we call it soccer over here). Manchester United is my team and I play Fifa all the time."

Girls: USA
"I'd want a wife from New York, I feel like they hustle very hard and I really like that. 

Celebs: UK
Emma Watson  - "Now thats a wife! I guess I grew up seeing her on the screen, she was just out there.. Yea I love Emma." 

Music: UK
"I mean I'm a huge UK music dude, we've always been ahead and it's a great time for UK rap right now. 

Music Festivals: USA
"I'd love to play Coachella."

"TV I don't watch but I love "South Park" and "People Who Do Nothing is hilarious. When I have time that's what I watch."

Fashion: USA 
Brands: Off-White424 & Mr. Completely - "Off-White is amazing and Virgil is my guy. The way he took it from Pyrex to Off-White, that transition was beautiful. But if there was one brand that I couldn't live with out it would probably be 424."

It looks like the US has become pretty comfortable for Danny but it only takes one listen to any of his tracks to know that he reps his homeland hard. Be sure to follow Danny Seth on Twitter & Instagram and we'll see you at The echoplex on Friday. 

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