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For producers, DJs and musicians, touring is a big part of what they do. It can sometimes get difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle when traveling, but Blond:ish have made a big change and it's had a positive impact on their musical output as well as their overall mindset. They are some of the most passionate producers in the game and it shows with their dedication to their craft.

We got a chance to chat with Blond:ish about what it takes to stay healthy, both mentally and physically. Whether it be various styles of yoga, an array of holistic substances or finding time to meditate in the most interesting places, their musical output shows how keeping your body and spirit aligned can reveal positive change.

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How has your lifestyle change impacted your musical output? Did you party a lot when you first started producing and DJing or have you always had a healthy lifestyle?

We think the key to this lifetime is to constantly have new experiences, never look at things the same way too long and to consistently refresh the mind. 

Yup, we did party a lot and we were quite unbalanced, but we’re learning something new every single day. Integrating our ever evolving extracurricular activities into our music is a happy marriage for us as that is the key to longevity and keeping our passion fresh and alive. Balance is important as well for us in everything. Techno is as much our love as a drawn out ambient soundscape.

What are some ways you're able to stay balanced while touring?


VIV: Airplanes and spending a lot of time in the studio or on a computer plagues DJs these days. So back and spinal care is necessary. We stretch anywhere we can. A lot of the time we do it while waiting at the airport or waiting in line to board! There's usually lots of room to get some yoga, qi gong or kundalini breathing. Qi gong- tai chi moves might get some weird looks in public but it’s also an amazing conversation starter! Everyone is curious.

ANSTASCIA: Traveling with some of our healthy powders and foods helps too. Honey, habanero powder from Mexico, activated charcoal, Himalayan salt, green powder for weekend energy, Kung Foo and I have a whole pill box full of ginger pills to grapefruit seed extract and it's incredible when you're traveling to new territories and eating meat and dairy. It helps prep your digestive system. Getting as much sleep as possible when you can is also essential to survival.

What specific kinds of yoga do you do that helps you with your healthy lifestyle?

For us it has been a mix of Yin Yoga, kundalini, ashtanga and hot yoga! We like to switch it up to keep it all interesting and challenging. While we’re traveling we try to do yin in airports as its the easiest to do while you’re waiting around. It's essential for us to realign the spine because of being on the computer so much and airplane seats are rough.

If you could reveal one "hidden secret" or something that people wouldn't expect about your healthy lifestyle, what would it be?

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VIV: One place I found very efficient to get things done and I don't normally have time for is when the plane is taking off or landing. Instead of sitting there twiddling my thumbs, I take that quiet time to do some light 20 min meditation with my headphones on or do some kegel exercises! It's turned into a nice little routine.

ANSTASCIA: My mom is a holistic practitioner and naturopath, so I grew up my whole life learning all about healthy living, yoga and all new age type things. In my teen years I used to really take it all for granted as it wasn’t the norm or cool to do these things, but as i grew older i realized that I am extremely fortunate to have this knowledge and take it all very seriously. The most important thing to staying healthy is prevention!

Your album is very hypnotic and in some ways ambient, what provoked you to produce an album like this?

We never intended on making a clubby dance album. We always wanted to explore a perspective of our artistic side that we’ve never really had a chance to do with an EP. We wanted to tell a story, create a journey, attach a message to the music that would hopefully go on further with the listener than just the 60 min album listen. Maybe something the listener can take into their everyday lives. Our intention was to create a timeless album that represents our journey through our travels throughout the world and to the far reaches of the universe.

What inspirations did you draw on to make an album that drifted further away from the club scene? 

We are a product of our environment and we’ve spent a lot of time in Tulum in its jungles and beaches. We also took influences from our time in India, Ibiza and South America. This album is somewhat a reflection of our time in these amazing “party” places, but also let’s not forget there is always two sides (if not three) to every subject.

Are there any songs on the album that represent a specific aspect of your life?

'Nada Brahma' which is a Vedic saying that translates to "sound is god". Music is our lives and music is just one little part of the much, much bigger topic of sound. We are officially dedicating our lives to exploring the layers of sound in every way possible, since everything has a vibration. Sound is becoming more and more demystified and because of this there will be many new technologies to explore this and to dig deeper on this subject. and we’re jumping at the front of the line.

What are you looking forward to in the future? 

We're looking forward to playing in South America for NYE (not sure we can announce where yet) and spending a few days in Santa Marta & Tayrona Park in Colombia. We will be spending another month in Tulum in January where we will be premiering our live show. We also are doing a multi-instrumentation course in sound therapy. Sound is an incredible thing… it’s a passion that we are so fascinated by. 

Blond:ish Tour Dates:
Oct 30 Monarch San Francisco, CA
Oct 31 Minimal Effort Los Angeles, CA
Nov 06 Marquee New York, NY
Nov 07 Paradox Baltimore, MD

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