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Build Your Own MIDI Controller with DIY Kit

The Livid Instruments Builder Box is all you need to build a MIDI controller

Have you ever wanted to build your own personal MIDI controller? Sure you can go out and by one already made and get right to making music, but when you have hands on experience building hardware it makes you that much more knowledgable about your craft. Controller specialist Livid Instruments has introduced Builder Box, a new line of MIDI controller kits that allow anyone to build their own controllers from home. 

There are currently two kits that Livid Instruments has made available: the Button Box and the Fader Box. Both are built for controlling audio, video, lighting, and more. The Button Box is dedicated more towards launching samples or loops, or controlling lighting and video set-ups. The Fader Box is more specific for parameters with numerical values like effects controls or volume, but can also be mapped for other purposes. 

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Each controller connects via USB and is controlled through Livid's Brain Jr, a controller that uses its own editing software that allows the customization of MIDI settings. 


The Builder Box Kits are available from the Livid Instruments store. They usually start out at a price of $129, but are now available at an introductory price of $99. 

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