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Carl Craig and Matthew Dear Discuss Production Techniques and Dance Music Culture

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It's always a special occasion when you have two pioneering producers in the same room. When I think about it, I wonder what deep concepts they would talk about when discussing production techniques and styles of dance music. Well, we don't really have to wonder anymore do we. Telekom got two legends to sit down together and have a chat about electronic music and the result is a stimulating conversation with plenty of intrigue.

Matthew Dear and Carl Craig are both kingpins when it comes to dance music production. Their catalogues are as deep as their experience behind the decks. Craig is from Detroit, a mecca for techno if you will, while Dear is from Texas and Michigan but is based in New York, a city that has adapted and evolved dance music over the years. So, to get to witness a conversation between these guys is pretty unique and they both possess extensive knowledge about the culture that you can't get anywhere else. 

The two producers touch on various topics within the dance music community at the moment from notions about EDM, Carl Craig playing Burial for a friend who prefers Skrillex, the different textures they can produce while using analog and digital as well as the progression of the culture from where it began to what it is today. These guys could probably talk for hours and we're lucky to have nearly 30 minutes of this to pick through. Enjoy the conversation and really think about what they're saying. It's enlightening to say the least.

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