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Carnage May Lose Copyrights If It's Proven He Used Illegal Software

Someone Has Some Explaining To Do
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There has yet to be a lawsuit brought against the producer, but it sure seems like it could be trouble for Carnage, or whoever produces his music with him.

Carnage recently was seen in a video tutorial giving a pretty poor explanation of his production techniques. Now one of his followers pointed out that in the video, which has now gone viral, he seems to be using an illegally downloaded version of a software called Sylenth. 

The software is available for $155 and for a world traveling DJ and producer, that doesn't seem like a lot. Carnage responded to being called out by stating, "lmaoooo wtf why does it matter?" which is looking like a bad move on his part. Lenner Digital, the company who makes the production software, chimed in to make it a more serious issue.

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Although nothing has been proven, except for Carnage's poor response to the allegations, it does raise some interesting questions. Why is there pirated software in a video tutorial? He went on to state that it wasn't his computer he was using in the video. 

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If it wasn't his computer, whose was it? We'll have to wait and see where this story goes from here, but we'll keep you updated as more news surfaces.

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