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CityFox Shows LA How To Throw A Party

Here is our play-by-play experience from the trenches at CityFox LA

If you're an aficionado of techno and you were in LA this past Saturday, then it's likely that you attended the highly anticipated, debut edition of the CityFox Experience which took place at the north end of Chinatown just outside of Downtown LA. 

Rewind to about five years ago when the CityFox brand was launched in Zurich, Switzerland both as a record label and as a night-club. Within this five year time frame, CityFox has expanded to one off events all around the globe including New York City which is where the brand now calls home. 

Along the way, it has gained some serious notoriety in this time thanks to some very meticulous attention that has been placed on all aspects of the party. Everything from the sound, the lighting, the flooring, the locale, and of the course the DJ talent are all very well thought out and taken care of. So for Los Angeles the expectations were reasonably set very high and of course they delivered.


Dusk Settles on CityFox LA

Now if you've ever been to a rave, festival, or even any type of mid-scale event that involves electronic music, then you're probably very familiar with the arduous process of just getting in but upon my entrance to the north end of the Chinatown CityFox locale, I was greeted with a wristband and no queue or search whatsoever. This was quite the surprise and it surely set the tone for my evening and very likely so for many others as well.

As the warm dusk evening started to settle in, I quickly knocked back a well-needed libation and proceeded to latch onto my fellow revelers. Everything was in its right place and one-half of the duo, Bedouin was there to lead us into the night past the sunset as he took the crowd onto an eclectic journey through an assortment of latin and tribal rhythms including some classic DJ Gregory, some contemporary Terranova, and even a Chris Isaak remake to finish the set.



It was now almost 8 p.m. and I was fully immersed into the outdoor stage so I had yet to fully explore the three stage venue. I was completely fine with this because  the man of the evening, Dixon was there to close out The Junction (outdoor) stage. While many anticipated an obvious set full of the likes of Innervisions, the label-boss demonstrated once again that he's as diverse as the best of them and he will always stand out among them as well. His unexpected journey took everyone through a plethora of electronic music genres such as garage, techno, house music, and even some 80's synth-pop. 



At about 11 p.m., Dixon's rare LA set was in the books so I scurried quickly inside to the main indoor area dubbed The Cube which had just been opened by crowd-favorite, melodic house music master, Atish.

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The noticeably hot and humid climate inside The Cube was at first an annoyance but as everyone drifted away to the psychedelic sounds and visuals, the heat was no longer an issue. 

The Cube was set inside an industrial complex with a brick exterior and a well decorated interior and inside at center dance floor hung a medium-sized mirror ball within a square shaped setting. The disco ball was evenly surrounded by multiple hanging sheets that absorbed a full spectrum of visuals including random psychedelic patterns, lasers, and of course the wonderful scattering of beamed light from the mirror ball. 


The Cube

At about a quarter past Midnight, CityFox regulars Adriatique stepped up to the plate and delivered a mind-altering two hour excursion through their signature style of techno. 

Now personally I've never been a fan of the duo's DJ sets but their two-hour set had radically changed my opinion. The Swiss techno duo quite literally took everyone on a 120 minute journey. A few key moments in time in the CityFox closing set included when they serenaded the crowd with their gorgeous re-rub of "The Very Next Day", or when they brought everyone to their feet as they hammered their own production "Rollox", and finally when they took everyone to the peak of their set with the magnificent modern classic, "Neon" by Gregor Tresher!



Aside from the occasional underground and the magical All Day I Dream events in LA, CityFox may be one of the most legit party/one-offs that truly compares and pays homage to the purity of the rave scene of yesteryear. From the hassle-free entry to the industrial setting to the truly unique indoor set-up, CityFox has come into LA and shown us how a proper mid-scale party is done. CityFox, please come back to LA soon. 

Yours Truly, Los Angeles

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