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Contaminated Amphetamines Are Making People Dangerously Violent

Police have reported four incidents so far (Photo: Getty Images)

Police have reported four incidents so far (Photo: Getty Images)

Police in the UK are warning civilians of a contaminated batch of amphetamines that are turning it's users into extremely violent people.

In one instance it took 6 police officers to restrain a man who had become severely agitated after ingesting the substance and only calmed down after being given a sedative.

"They have also been seen to convulse with a complete inability to engage in conversation or control their actions."

In another case, a 30 year-old man climbed to the roof of a pub and in separate case a 24 year-old man climbed a wall and then a tree before being detained for his own well-being. Lancashire Police have since identified four cases of users being transported to the hospital for treatment.

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"Users have become violent, acted irrationally and suffered from dangerously high heart rates."

Sgt. Pete Latham, of Blackburn police expressed his concern to the public. Stating that the contaminated drug is severely harmful and dangerous. 

“Clearly for us, no-one should be taking drugs. However we are becoming increasingly concerned about this suspected harmful batch of amphetamines, particularly as the users we have come across have shown extreme signs of violence and a couple of them have put themselves in dangerous situations."

Authorities have urged anyone with knowledge of the drug to come forward.

“I am asking anyone who may have any information as to the source of these drugs to get in contact with us before someone else takes them and potentially put themselves at risk of serious harm."

(Source: The Telegraph)

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