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Watch Daedelus Take Us Through the Complexities of the Roland Tr-808 and TR-8

Daedelus is a producer held in the highest regard who is able to articulate the various differences between the TR-808 and the TR-8
Daedelus tutorial for Roland TR-808 TR-8

Roland taps Daedelus to take us through the various differences between the iconic TR-808 and the futuristic TR-8 drum machines.

Production tutorials are intended to be educational pieces that reveal insight into how certain hardware and software can be used to create masterful tracks. Daedelus is an expert when it comes to production techniques and in his recent tutorial he breaks down two of the most recognized sequencers from Roland. 

The TR-808 was first introduced in the '80s and would set the foundation for many innovations for electronic music. In the modern age of music production, the TR-8 is like an upgraded version of the classic drum machine. Where there are limitations with the TR-808, the TR-8 has more features that allow users to be able to produce with a wide range of possibilities.

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This is how you give viewers a proper production tutorial. Big up Daedelus.

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