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Benny Soto Presents: 718 Sessions' 13th Anniversary with Music by Danny Krivit and Performance by Ann Nesby

With live performances by Grammy winning Ann Nesby and 3G, House music is alive in NYC
718 sessions 13

Christopher Columbus may have allegedly discovered America, but on Sunday I discovered something that changed my entire perception on the quality of music, people and events currently in the scene. This past Sunday, the walls of Santos Party House in NYC were being torn down by the incredible sound emanating from the decks of 718 Sessions’ Danny Krivit who brought back the sweet discotheque, lined with nostalgia of the Paradise Garage days.

Benny Soto hosted the 13th Anniversary of 718 Sessions and their slogan should have been, “Welcome back home…” Almost everyone in attendance that night was a devout member of the 718 Sessions legendary Sunday parties and they came to celebrate the birthday of one of the staples of the NYC dance scene. Danny Krivit spread the love throughout the dancefloor upstairs while Slow to Speak & Paul Raffaele held their own on the dancefloor downstairs.

Timeout Magazine had listed 718 Sessions as the “Best Place to Dance Your Heart Out” and let me tell you, my heart was not the only thing I danced out. From the moment my feet made it into the club and onto the dancefloor, the wave of soulful and classic dance music swept me away into a high I had never experienced before. The crowd was filled with bodies moving and gliding over the dark dancefloor, eventually caked with baby powder!

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The real showstopper of the night was the performance by Ann Nesby and 3G of the historic track 'Pressure' and an all-new mix of 'Optimistic'. The entire floor stopped and watched as this legendary, two-time Grammy winner, belt out the track with a voice I am pretty sure has never graced my ears. Her sound, her entire energy, was of pure soul magic. Between Danny and Ann, the combination of raw sound and energy taking over your body was an experience unimaginable. Most of all, it was really fun!

This was my first 718 Sessions experience and I was blown away by the historical value of the event. To fully understand what is wrong with today’s developing style of dance music, one would have to attend a 718 Sessions event and experience what it's like to be taken away in the spirit of the dance. The amount of emotion felt with every track and the love radiating from all the dancers was an incredible sight. It truly felt like coming home, where you were truly free to be you in all of your expressive glory. 

I may have only come into existence in the 90s, whereas the scene of Paradise Garage goes as far back as the late 70s, but I felt something sacred was held that night. It was a true dance experience to have if one wants to feel soul and emotion in the music they listen to and share it with an incredible group of people who will never say no to a new dance partner. Thank you 718 Session, I will never forget.

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