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In a surprise move, deadmau5 has said goodbye to the major labels that have published his work over the years. He's a unique artist who wants total control over his work without the hassle of major labels steering the ship. He's a lone-ranger in the music industry and now he won't have a major label to hold him down.

In the past, his music has been released by Virgin EMI, a subsidiary to Universal Music Group, and Parlophone, part of Warner Music Group. Now he's inked a deal with an independent publishing company Kobalt that has given him complete control over his brand. 

"deadmau5 is an artist who does things his own way, a truly original voice in music. He's an electronic music producer, entrepreneur, and innovator extraordinaire; he's at the height of his career and all of us at Kobalt are totally committed to supporting him and the work he does with his label," said Richard Sanders, President of Kobalt.

What this new deal means is that all rights to his music will be given to deadmau5. He has complete control over his brand and the direction in which he wants to proceed. The agreement will encompass the full range of services which Kobalt offers its clients, including digital distribution, physical distribution, marketing, international marketing and synch licensing. A similar deal has also been made with his label mau5trap to provide digital distribution, synch licensing and other label services for mau5trap releases.

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This move could sway more artists, who want to manage their own careers, to drift away from the major labels. The next chapter in the deadmau5 saga has only just begun and, with the unpredictability surrounding the artist, there's no telling what to expect.


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