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DJ Mag Calls Kaskade a "Douche" in Artist Bio For Top 100, Kaskade Fires Back

Shots Fired! Kaskade Does Not Take Kindly To Being Called a "Douche"
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Kaskade didn't score too well with the DJ Mag Top 100 and it seems he's not very happy about it either. 

He was named #84 on the list and while it's not a credible list in our minds here at Magnetic, Kaskade has a lot more to be angry about than just being given a crap spot. 

Over the years Kaskade has expressed his disapproval of the list altogether and back in 2012 he stated that "this type of competition, poll, award whatever is not on my radar." It looks like DJ Mag didn't take kindly to his remarks and this year they took a few jabs at the artist. #84 on the list, fine who cares, but they also refer to Kaskade as a "douche" in his artist profile along with some more negative comments. 

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Referring to Kaskades recent controversy with Paul McCartney DJ Mag writes. "Douche. He might be big business in Vegas and a regular fixture in the Top 100, but with this sort of outspoken carry-on it’s surely only a matter of time before this man’s antics relegate him to a bin marked ‘obscurity’. Kaskade, please, stick with the day job, mate.” Kaskade took to twitter to respond.

Kaskade might deserve his #84 DJ Mag spot and he might deserve being called a "douche". Both of those aspects are just opinions and you know what they say about opinions, right? We at Magnetic pretty much disagree with the entire list, so we're asking fans to do a little remix of their own and get this list correct once and for all. Then we'll see where Kaskade really stands.

(Source: DJ Mag)

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