Twitt Talk: DJ Sneak Attacks Armand Van Helden—"The shit he dropped was straight childish."

DJ Sneak is building up quite a reputation. Just a few weeks ago he was taking jabs at Armand Van Helden because he didn't agree with his fashion sense. Now he's found himself in a another battle, this time with The Martinez Brothers.


This social media altercation occurred due to The Martinez Brothers canceling their gig at DJ Sneak's party at Pikes, Ibiza.

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Fellow peers like Guti, Tiga and DJ Deeon also responded with support on the side of The Martinez Brothers. Although this seems to have been sparked by a petty disagreement, The Martinez Brothers expressed their sadness about their falling-out with an artist they used to look up to.


DJ Sneak has built up a reputation for saying exactly what's on his mind. If you get on his bad side he will no doubt let you know. With that said, this is most likely not the last time we'll hear from him. 

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