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The dress that Seth Troxler wore at fabric's 14th birthday event is now up for auction on ebay.

The team at fabric were going through leftover costumes from this past years 15th birthday celebration and curiously came across the Troxler dress. It's a long flowing red dress with gold piping detailing and one that is now legendary when discussing the iconic fabric nightclub.

troxler dress 1

"We've joked about it in the past but we've decided that we'd like to auction the dress off and give the proceeds to charity so we emailed Seth and asked him who he'd like us to give the funds raised to. He told us that he'd like any proceeds to help the homeless so we've elected to donate any money raised by this auction to the housing and homlessness charity, Shelter ->"

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With currently 15 bids on the auction site the price has gone from £99 to £102 with 7 days left to bid. If you would like to get in on the action visit the Seth Troxler's Dress auction page.

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