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Electronic Music 101: The EDM Genome Infographic

Stop calling EDM, EDM. Here is the updated infographic of our ongoing EDM Genome project
Electronic Music Genome Vol. 2 

Electronic Music Genome Vol. 2 

Since our article "Stop Calling EDM, EDM" stirred up such a strong response I decided to open up this conversation for ongoing input and updates. I've updated my initial sketch to include some more genres that I didn't include in the first one, some really important ones. 

Big thanks to everyone commented and left feedback it was super helpful.

Now I would like to keep updating this genome that we have started and keep it as up to date as possible. Please leave any feedback for additions and I will keep this post updated with the latest version or just publish an updated every month or two as it progresses. 

I will also start posting genre specific posts with a brief history and origin of each of the genres along with an example for you to reference. These should help get a better understanding of the overall genome/evolution and common mistakes, like the true definition of Deep House. 

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We can't start making things up and changing the meaning of classic genres like Deep House, no other self-respecting genre does it so why is it happening in electronic music?

Some genres like Hardcore and Dub both had influences on genres like Jungle/Drum & Bass so I put those nodes adjacent to them. 


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