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Erick Morillo

In case you've been living under a rock for the past couple of years, Erick Morillo has returned to dance music in a very big way. He's re-established some important residencies all over the world including Marquee in New York, LIV in Miami, Avalon in LA, and he even picked up a few nights at Luciano's Vagabundos residency at Space Ibiza

However, more importantly he has re-launched his legendary Subliminal Records imprint and with a few releases already under his belt he's got a brand new one by himself scheduled to be released next Monday. 

We asked Erick what motivated him to bring his label back and what direction he plans on taking it.

Erick, thank you so much for agreeing to the interview. You've been DJ'ing & producing for over 25 years now. What is the secret to your
longevity in the electronic music scene?

There really is no secret. I attribute the longevity of my career to the amazing fans that I have throughout the world. I certainly put in the work in the studio and give it my all at every show, but ultimately it’s the fans support that has kept me in the game for this long. I’m truly blessed and it has been an amazing journey thus far. To each and every one of my fans, thank you for your continued support and I look forward to seeing you all on the dance floor!  

Obligatory DJ interview question: When & how did you first fall in love
with house music?

Growing up 15 minutes outside of New York City, I spent countless nights listening to the best House Music DJs of the early 90’s. It was their sound that inspired me and allowed me to cultivate a love for house music and DJ’ing. The clubs were my sanctuary during my late teenage years. I would literally venture into nightclubs on school nights and enjoy the sounds of the likes of Louie Vega, Junior Vazquez, Danny Tenaglia, David Morales and others. I would just spend hours studying them, taking mental notes of how they worked the room, the vibe they created and when and how they played a certain record. It was easy for anyone during that time to fall in love with house music.

Your record label, Subliminal took a two-year hiatus and you've recently re-launched it. What motivated you to bring it back?

I just felt the timing was right. Musically, people are starting to look for alternatives. At the moment, there is a gap between commercial EDM and underground that no one has tapped into. One of the objectives of the re-launch is to create a unique sound that targets that middle ground and provides fans with other musical options.

What musical direction do you plan on taking the label?

The label is going to focus on releasing quality house, deep house, tech house, and techno. The emphasis will be on quality as it was when the label was originally launched back in 1997. The idea is to implement the same philosophy - quality over quantity. We want DJs and fans alike to see the Subliminal label and instinctively know that it's a quality track, even before playing the record. Thus far, the label has gotten off to a great start with its first three releases Erick Morillo feat Harry Romero ‘The Restorer’, Erick Morillo ‘Something For Carl Cox’ and Harry Romero ‘I AM’ receiving great reviews. I’m really pleased with the direction of the label and at the end of October, I’m releasing a two part EP titled Limitless which will consist of a track titled ‘I Want You’ followed by ‘Trapped’ - both great records. Definitely stay tuned, the label has a lot of great music in its pipeline.

Within the near future, who can we expect to hear appear on the label?

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The label is going to showcase a lot of new talent as well as artists that have worked with Subliminal previously. Presently we have several well-known producers such as Kolsch, The Martinez Brothers, Harry Romero, Nic Fanciulli, Doorly and others working on remixing Subliminal classics. I’m really excited about this project as it will re-introduce the classic Subliminal sound with a modern twist to the younger generation. There are also several collaborations in the works with the likes of Jamie Jones, Harry Romero, Eddie Thoneick and may others.

In one word, describe the sound of Subliminal.


In honor of the label being re-launched, do you plan on launching another Subliminal residency in Ibiza or anywhere else for that matter?

At the moment, my focus is on re-establishing the label. Once the label is well established, I will definitely look into bringing back Subliminal Sessions in Ibiza and elsewhere. Subliminal Sessions will be back – count on it!

Judging by your Facebook posts, you've been in Ibiza for the last  month or so. Why do you love Ibiza so much?

Ibiza has been my summer home since the late 90’s. The island is one of a kind and there really is no other place like it. There is just so much for you to do - nightlife, boating, amazing beaches, outdoor restaurants, breathtaking sunsets and so many other activities. It truly is a magical place and I enjoy spending as much time as possible on the island with many of my great friends.

Other than Ibiza, where is your favorite place in the world to play?

I love playing anywhere in the world where the people are really into the music and give me as much energy as I give them. When the energy and the vibe are right, it does not matter where I am performing, those nights become unforgettable. Having said that, if I had to pick a favorite place, I truthfully can’t just pick one place. I have had some amazing nights in Brazil, Greece, Italy, Spain, France, UK and of course at home in Los Angeles, Miami and New York.

Lastly, as a Los Angeles native I can say first-hand that your sets at Avalon have become the stuff of legends. When do you plan on returning to play for us?

I’m actually playing an extended set at Avalon on Saturday, November 21st. It has been a while so I’m really looking forward to seeing my LA fans. My LA fans always bring the energy so it's definitely going to be a night to remember. Come ready to dance!

Check out Erick Morillo's upcoming single on his own Subliminal imprint which is due out next week on October 19th!

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