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Ever wonder what it's like to sit in the studio with your favorite producer and have them explain everything they are doing?

No matter who you are, new or experienced, any and all producers know there is always more to learn. Many producers look to production schools that offer complete curriculums and courses which are typical classroom style. Other producers take the route of Youtube tutorials, but almost any producer knows the most efficient way to truly learn is to sit down in the studio with those who have been producing consistently for years. Enter Fader Pro; offering the chance to sit in the studio with some of the most acclaimed producers in the world. 

Fader pro is offering courses from the likes of; Roger Sanchez, Sander Kleinenberg, Grammy nominated producer Ivan Corraliza, Mark Knight and many more. With 24/7 on-demand access to content, you can pick and choose what courses you want to take, giving you complete freedom to learn what you want. 

I recently spoke with the co-founder of Fader Pro, Steven Lee, better known as producer Lee Cabrera. Steven was in Chicago recording a new course from producer Rodger Sanchez as he shared with me the story of Fader Pro. 

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Steven has toured the world as Lee Cabrera for the past decade and witnessed a genuine interest for people trying to learn how to produce his records. He was making loads of music on plane rides from one show to the next and almost every time he would be asked about what he was doing by the person sitting next to him. With a huge interest in the production process and the growing popularity of music production Steven decided to start Fader Pro. 

He told me of their "Watch.Learn.Become" ethos that combines high quality video tutorials with access to some of the world's biggest stars and partners with leading industry entities to give their students the best chance for success. He informed me that at Fader Pro, they want to stray away from a traditional curriculum and even the word 'curriculum' in its entirety. Instead they focus on the most relevant and prominent techniques by having students learn about the most recent or successful records with instruction by the artists who produced them. Students even get access to all of the source files to completely be able to follow along and rebuild timeless songs with the original producer providing their secrets. 

"Students are basically riding shotgun with their favorite producer."

After a huge ADE with 16 sold-out production classes open to the public, new funding and the addition of former Beatport COO/President, LLoyd Starr, Fader Pro is ready to take you to the next level. 

Enroll in the courses of your choice at Fader Pro.

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