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Forget the mini Segway's, It's All About The Hoverboard

The small motor personal transport revolution is here, meet the new Hoverboard
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The Hoverboard

If you live in any major metropolitan area, chances are you have seen dudes cruising around on little mini-Segway like scooters. My first encounter was with a couple kids rolling around the local grocery store kicking it to every girl they rolled by. I was intrigued by these new contraptions, to say the least, but still didn't quite feel the need to ever mount one, just too close to a scooter or rollerblades for my tastes.

Note: You will never look cool on a mini-Segway scooter, and they most likely will repel girls just as fast as your Xbox or war documentaries.

Then I saw the Kickstarter campaign for the Hoverboard which immediately got me excited with daydreams of cruising around the hood like Marty McFly.

Ok, so this thing doesn't exactly "hover" but it more or less gives you the feeling of hovering with its motorized single wheeled approach.

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This thing gets up to around 20 mph and will allow you to go almost 15 miles on one charge. This could be a game changer for the urban commuter who wants to have some serious fun on the way to work.

The bummer is that it's not going to be around for another year or so, but the good news is that it seems to be on its way.

So if you are more of a sideways kind of person, this is going to be a must have item. I'm just hoping it doesn't cost a grip because I'm going to be one of the first in line. 

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