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Get Discovered 3 Contest Winner Announced: Jakzon

Listen to the track that won Get Discovered 3 - "Go Down" By Jakzon
jackzon image winner of Get Discovered Three

Jakzon/ Winner of our Get Discovered Three Contest

So after digging through all of our entries for Get Discovered 3: Trap/Bass edition we finally decided on Zac Jackson aka Jakzon. This kids go some serious skill across all genres, not just Trap/Bass music. We got a chance to catch up with Jakzon to talk DJing, DAWs and what keeps him going.

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Big thanks to SOL REPUBLIC and DCC Studios our partners in the Get Discovered 3 Contest. Zac will be receiving a pair of Master Tracks headphones in Blue and a free consulting session from DCC Studios.

1. How did you get into Electronic Music and what made you want to learn how to be a producer?

Me and my buddy Nick, back when I was 20 or so both downloaded FL Studio and started making random music, had no clue really what we were doing, but we kept doing it because it was entertaining to hear what we each came up with and see each other improve. Started diving into trance a while and then found a love for bass music, which I found a love for when it came to producing.

2. What are your weapons of choice in the studio? What DAW do you use and what plugins, etc.?

I work in FL Studio; I learned the ins and outs of it pretty fast when I started producing and felt comfortable using it. I love FabFilter Pro-Q 2, definitely my favorite EQ. Still use Massive often, you can't go wrong with it, and Cyclops, you can make some super unique sounds with it. 

3. How long have you been producing for?

About seven years, I didn’t take it seriously until around 3 - 4 years ago though. I had a roommate that hated it when I produced so much, that he poured water in my PC when I wasn't home. For some reason, that motivated me to take it more seriously and to keep going with it.

4. Who are some of your big influences right now?

Jamestown Thieves, Ghastly and Aaron Jackson for sure, they are so diverse with their sounds. Pretty much every tune they drop right now is straight fire.   

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5. Where do you see the whole EDM scene headed at this point?

I can already see techno and tech house gaining a lot of ground, and would love to hear more psytrance and trance in general. I think “EDM” has been the “it” thing long enough now that individuals are starting to diversify what they listen to and deviate away from the “mainstream sound” and because of this I think we’ll be hearing more from the lesser known genres.

6. What are some of your favorite labels right now and who would you like to be signed to?

Kannibalen Records for sure, Play Me, Monstercat, Buygore, or Party Like Us. I would love to be signed with any of those guys. 

 7. What are some of your immediate goals as a producer?

The most immediate goal I have is to release music more often, and not to limit myself to one genre. I have some psytrance and even dubstep I’m working on right now.

8. What is your preferred method of performance with your music, DJing or Live?

DJing, and preferably with my LED mask (I don't always wear it, kind of just depends on the booking). It just allows me to focus on being myself and I have more fun while doing so, not to mention I get great reactions from people that see it for the first time which always puts on a smile on my face.

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